Netrax Communications wireless LAN solutions satisfy a wide range of customers including SoHO's, small to large corporations, educational and medical institutions, transportation, manufacturing, retail and warehouse facilities, and municipalities. Our wireless LANs have also proven to be a cost-effective solution for temporary venues and mission-critical implementations in airports and seaports.

Netrax Communications manufactures wireless servers (NXU series) and CPEs (NXI series) that operate in 2.XGHz, in the 5.XGhz bands or on both simultaneously, in licensed and unlicensed ISMs, devices with wireless ranges form 0 to over 200km, devices from 1 to 4 radios, devices with speeds from 17 to 400 Mbps. Netrax Communications systems deliver the performance, security, interoperability and network reliability required by in-building wireless local area networks and outdoor building-to-building bridging applications.

The Netrax Communications devices offer the most comprehensive and flexible wireless solution available. Features found only in devices with prices in many thousands of dollars now can be implemented for a fraction of the price. Netrax Communications can serve as a Bandwidth Manager, Firewall, Router, HotSpot or a combination of any of the powerful set of features it contains. The Netrax Communications devices are the perfect platform for the demanding needs of wireless ISPs. Netrax Communications OS is currently used worldwide by many large wireless ISPs for client sites, access points, HotSpot sites, bandwidth shaping, backbone, and more.

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